Home Politics Abu Jinapor, MP for Damongo, Extends Support to Constituents With New Water Supply Vehicle

Abu Jinapor, MP for Damongo, Extends Support to Constituents With New Water Supply Vehicle

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Member of Parliament for Damongo, Lawyer Samuel Abu Jinapor, has taken a significant step in supporting his constituents by acquiring a brand new water supply vehicle. This vehicle will serve the purpose of consistently providing water to the people of Damongo and the surrounding communities. The move is intended to enhance the efforts of two previously hired water tankers, which were used to fill existing poly tanks strategically placed throughout the Damongo township and nearby areas.

Upon assuming office as the MP for the Damongo constituency, Lawyer Samuel Abu Jinapor recognized the challenges that people faced in securing water for domestic use during the dry season. In response, he provided a substantial solution by donating a Rambo 10,000 polytank as a temporary measure to address the water scarcity issues in the Damongo constituency.

Abu Jinapor is committed to addressing the long-standing water challenges that have plagued the people of Damongo for decades. As part of his efforts, he has facilitated the construction of a small water project aimed at providing clean and safe drinking water to the people of Damongo, starting from the Broto community through collaboration with the Ghana Water Company. Reports suggest that the contractor working on the Damongo water project has already installed treatment plants at the project site, and full-scale work is set to commence in the coming days.

In a bid to ensure that the water supply is accessible to all, the MP has urged all individuals involved in the polytank water service not to charge any fees for delivering water to the people. The water is intended to be freely available to the community, emphasizing the importance of equitable access to this vital resource.


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