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Action movies and how they have evolved over the years.

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Action movies

Action movies years ago were predictable because as the plot of the movie unfolds, there is a simple observation to be made. This observation plays out easy in your face especially if you are a movie enthusiast. Oh, there are people who prefer to do other things than watch action movies so don’t be surprise when I say movie enthusiast.

The plot is that, a hero in the movie usually is always embarking on a rescue mission. There is a lady to be rescued from the company of a “killer”, there is a terrorist on the loose, or there is a mission that needs averting least the world goes down. The movie unfolds till your emotions is heightened, sustain and quickly dropped signaling the near ending of the movie. I cannot say the same of today’s crop of action movies releases.

First off I am kept on alert mode with the beautiful pictures presented by the sharp lenses of cameras now available. There is this space the characters put you in given you a feeling of right in the center of the action. You are taken aback if you should be watching the movie on a larger screen like in a cinema setting with all the great surround sounds.

Action movies in recent times will subtly communicate an ideology to you without you even knowing. Some governments use it to display a country’s strength or position the country as the go-to option depending on what your interest is. If I should speak about a “war ready” country which comes to mind? Yeah! you are right. Again when I talk of all the technological advancement, which comes to mind again? Great! Your are right.

Action movies for me are becoming a good source of discovering and appreciating latest trends in even set designs as again futuristic thoughts goes into them. A list of movies have caught my attention for 2022 especially reading great reviews about them.


The man from Toronto, Interceptor, Black Crab and The Take Down. I am yet to make time to enjoy them but am not expecting to be engaged with the usual very predictive plot. In case you have the chance to enjoy the next available action movie try and spot the ideology being communicated to you, spot a few brands/company ads in there or just enjoy. Happy viewing.

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