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Abena Korkor advised to advocate now as a mental health enthusiast.

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Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor who is a social media sensation and founder of Psychosocial Africa, took a bold step on live television when she surprised viewers with an unexpected move. United television as is their regular programing every Saturday night aired “United showbiz” with their usual panelist Bull god, Arnold and A-Plus. However, the show had guests in the persons of Nana Aba Anamoah, a broadcast journalist and John Dumelo, an actor.

In a sudden and unusual sequence on how the show airs, Abena Korkor was invited to join the panelist on the show by host Nana Ama Mac-Brown. Abena Korkor then stated she was ceasing the opportunity to plead for forgiveness from Nana Aba Anamoah for all the bad things she has said about her some weeks ago on social media.

Abena noted that Nana Aba had always spoken and advised her on how to carry herself well in the media space and did not deserve all the things she said about her. Abena actually recalled that the last time she had a private conversation with Nana Aba before the issues on social media was very productive one. “The last time we met was a positive conversation but tables turned”.

Abena Korkor blamed the “tables turning” on her relapse as a result of bi-polar condition she has being treating for a while now. However, she noted that due to a combination of things prescribed for her coupled with prayers she is certain the relapse conditions will not lead her to attack individuals on social media any longer. “I feel remorseful” she added whiles calling on the broadcast journalist to forgive her for all the hurtful things she said about her.

Nana Aba Anamoah

Nana Aba Anamoah on her side noted that she had forgiven her for all the things she said about her. She was willing to help her however she needs to change the sex tag placed on her, to being an advocate on mental health related issues. Nana also noted that her greatest worry is her son seeing such publications on the internet and how it will affect him. She finally advised her to give her social media pages to professions to handle and stop the self-destruction.


However the other panelist on the show took turns to advise Abena Korkor to stop the social media attacks on personalities with Bull god calling on her to stop the “fooling” since her behavior goes a long way to affect negatively families and relationships.

In the early quarter of this year, Abena Korkor shared a video on social media where she had stated that, Nana Ama Anamoah was in a “questionable relationship” with radio presenter Kojo Yankson of multi-media.

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