Creating A Profitable Blog — 3 Points To Consider

Author: Fusena Aziz

In recent times, several people take to various social media platforms to hold conversations and express their thoughts about occurrences happening around them, be it Politics, Entertainment, Religion or Sports.

One thing most haven’t realized is that there are several ways of making some good money off these opinions and conversations; Blogs. Yes, creating and owning a blog is one sure way of making some profit online. Having an online business has proven to be one of the best investments an individual can make, especially in this COVID era where numerous companies have laid off their staff.

There is nothing more fulfilling than having financial freedom created by and for oneself, and especially with an online business where people make money, even in their sleep. You will be able to generate income for as long as your articles remain online. All you have to do is to keep feeding your blog site with good and interesting content and you’re on your way to fetching some good cash. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it truly is!

Back in Uni, I started blogging consistently, covering mostly political issues on campus. I interacted with and interviewed mostly colleague students who were vying for various leadership positions. I understood individuals could monetize their blogs in so many ways, at least which was another reason I was keen on keeping my blog active, aside my passion for story-telling and narrations, but I never gave that a try.   

Today, after couple of years of trying all forms of business without much success, and with the sudden ‘arrival’ of COVID-19, I have revisited this passion. I’m excited because this time, after following some blogs and websites for a while, I have learnt a few points which I believe will contribute greatly to the success of this journey I’ve embarked on. Most importantly, I’ve come to understand why it is important for everyone to own a blog.

Content                                                                                                          First of all, you need to know your own interests and make a decision regarding your choice of content; will it arouse the interest of potential viewers? Whether you settle on Entertainment, Politics, Sports or Religion, what matters most is that, your content has the potential of at least satisfying some people in society.

Benefits                                                                                          Now, I mentioned early on that one purpose of creating a blog, aside to inform your audience, it to earn an income off it. In fact, this has become the main reason most people create blogs and for the prolific writer that you are, you may want to reconsider monetizing your content and ideas. There are many advertising partners you can subscribe to, with Google Adsense being the most subscribed. In my next article, I’ll take you through various Advertising Partner Companies and the best way to make more money online.

Security Finally, I’m not sure after all the efforts and sacrifices you have made for your blog, you’d allow room for any possible destruction. The security of your site is very important and with the numerous stories we hear every day of other websites being hacked, this is one area you can’t overlook. A most trustworthy hosting service is required and this is where I’ll recommend Bluehost to you. I made the decision by subscribing to their hosting plan and I haven’t had any regrets. Talk of affordability, Bluehost has the most affordable hosting plans any one, especially a beginner would want. Aside the juicy package that comes with a free domain, there is also the data protection service which you’ll need to ensure that your website in safe from hackers. Use this link to subscribe, leave a comment under this article and I’ll be able to assist you through the process, only through this provided link. Here>>