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Extra Income and some ways to survive recent economic hardship.

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Extra Income is one key topical issue on the minds of many people recently. Those with regular income are looking for ways to discover more revenue streams in order to pay up the bills.

Well you need not stress too much but continue reading as I share with you a few things you can add to your daily activities to guarantee some cool extra income. Have you thought of making extra income through putting up your space for rent? Am not saying vacate your residence and go put up with a friend. Far from that. A creative way to generate this will be attempting to start your real estate business but this time round with what you already have.

There are apps like Airbnb that can allow you display and put up your apartment for short periods rent incase you are away. Instead of locking up and leaving the house till you return consider renting it out whiles making extra income on the side.

A friend recently complained to me about how fuel price going up has affected every other means of surviving. This same friend has a fairly new vehicle he drives to work only to leave it in the parking lot till he returns after work closes. Well if you are in this same space consider giving the car out for transport services like the uber, yango, bolt or for other private short trips to earn some cash. After the close of work, the car can pick you back home or consider joining public transport for a change. However make sure you are handing the car over to someone trust wealthy.

I got into the business of content writing as a means to pass extra time on my hands. Sometimes watching television gets boring and I decided to do both simultaneously.ie. watch tv and write. In this day where the internet is the go to extra income avenue consider gathering views for what you can do and leverage it with companies for advert placements for cash.


Develop videos for YouTube, educational audio recordings for podcast, write for a website or blog and remember to monetize all these avenue to make back some cool cash. Read more on google AdSense, amazon etc for more insight for monetization of pages.

Consider also using your social media platforms as a space to sell products, services etc. Your WhatsApp, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc can all generate you some good extra cash. You could deal in clothing, phones, shoes, makeup kits or even consumables and not own a physical shop. All you need do is deliver the products when orders come through or have clients pick it up at a convenient yet secured place.

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