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Fusaid Global and Tiyumba Hope Foundation Shine Light on Breast Cancer Awareness in Northern Ghana

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As part of the annual Pink October observation, Fusaid Global and Tiyumba Hope Foundation partnered with Navida Clinic, Allied Relief, and Let’s Be Whole to host a one-day educational and screening program for the residents of Chanzeni, a suburb of Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana.

This year’s edition of ‘The Radiant Woman’, spearheaded by Fusaid Global, was under the theme “Fostering Awareness and Encouraging Regular Screenings Against Breast Cancer ”. The event witnessed a gathering of dedicated medical professionals and breast cancer experts who passionately conveyed the crucial role of early detection in the ongoing battle against breast cancer.

Fusena Aziz, the Executive Director of Fusaid Global, explained the significance of this event, stating, “We have primarily focused on southern Ghana in previous years, and this year’s expansion to Tamale is part of our commitment to extend our reach and impact to northern Ghana. As a women’s development organization, we are deeply concerned about the health and well-being of women, particularly those in rural areas. It is our mandate to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background or geographic location, is equipped with the knowledge and resources to combat breast cancer.” She took the opportunity to encourage further collaboration among organizations in Ghana, saying, “For us at Fusaid, collaboration is in our DNA. We believe that we can easily reach more people and create sustainable impact if we work together with other organizations. Collaborating with Allied Relief, Tiyumba Hope Foundation, Navida Clinic, and Let’s Be Whole is evidence of our commitment to working with other organizations to achieve sustainable development.”

Dr. Obed Adams of Navida Clinic emphasized the clinic’s strategic alliance with Fusaid Global and its partners in fulfilling their mission of providing access to medical facilities for marginalized communities. Dr. Obed stated, “This breast cancer awareness and screening program was very necessary for the people of Chanzeni and all the neighboring communities. For most of the people, it’s their first time hearing about breast cancer or even getting screened. The impact of today’s program is immeasurable, and seeing the joy on the women’s faces speaks volumes about the work we do as medical personnel.”


Madam Pamela Thornton, the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Land Matters, a resilient breast cancer survivor and advocate, shared her inspiring journey, from the initial diagnosis to her proactive steps in seeking treatment for breast cancer. Additionally, Mr. Sam Bennett, another inspiring survivor, generously shared his own experiences, providing a real-world perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced during his battle with breast cancer.

The program concluded with participants eagerly taking their turn for vital breast cancer screenings. This collective effort between Fusaid Global, Tiyumba Hope Foundation, Navida Clinic, Allied Relief, and Let’s Be Whole marked a significant stride in the ongoing fight against breast cancer, shining a beacon of hope in the hearts of many and spreading awareness far and wide.

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