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Fusaid Global, Tiyumba Hope Foundation, Navida Clinic and Partners Shine a Spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness

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In a collaborative effort to foster awareness and inspire regular screening against breast cancer, Fusaid Global has joined hands with Tiyumba Hope Foundation, Navida Clinic, Allied Relief, and Let’s Be Whole to present ‘The Radiant Woman – a Breast Cancer Awareness Program’, scheduled to take place at Navida Clinic, Tamale, on the 21st of October, 2023.
Breast cancer remains a significant health concern globally, affecting women from all walks of life. The Radiant Woman program aims to shed light on the importance of early detection, regular screenings, and the resilience of breast cancer survivors, through a combination of informative talks, personal stories, and expert guidance. The program’s central theme, “Fostering Awareness & Inspiring Regular Screening against Breast Cancer,” underscores its commitment to providing knowledge, support, and inspiration.

The Radiant Woman will feature esteemed resource persons who will share their experiences and expertise to inspire attendees.
Pamela Thornton (CEO of Urban Land Matters and Breast Cancer Survivor/Advocate) is a remarkable figure in the business world and a breast cancer survivor. She will share her journey, emphasizing the importance of early detection, self-examinations, and the strength that can be drawn from a supportive community.
Sam Bennett (Breast Cancer Survivor): Sam Bennett, another breast cancer survivor, will provide a personal perspective on battling this disease and the resilience required to overcome it.
These distinguished speakers will offer invaluable insights into breast cancer awareness and motivate attendees to prioritize their health and well-being.
‘The Radiant Woman’ program will also include informative sessions on breast self-examinations, clinical screenings, and available support services. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals to address their queries and concerns regarding breast health.

The organizers invite everyone, regardless of gender, to participate in this crucial event. Breast cancer awareness is not limited to women alone, and early detection can save lives.
By bringing the community together, Fusaid Global and its partners hope to make a substantial impact in the fight against breast cancer.

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