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Growing up, then and now see this 2 year old’s wow performance.

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Growing up

Growing up as a young boy in the capital city of Ghana, there were lots of times I changed what I wanted to do when I was of age. My career path changed with every encounter I had with the many professions around but I settled on one.

The media for me was the ultimate. I wondered how people could be talking through a box(radio) or sitting in a box(television). But growing up after several years on made me realize the media is more than what I initially thought.

Also growing up, my family made education top priority. All I needed to succeed in the line of studies was made available. Story books, private teacher at home and various resource materials were never in lack.

I found the learning regime tiresome at a point in time. Although I aimed at studying, extra curriculum activities where my complete go to. I played with friends and exceeded play time allocated to me usually leading to receiving strokes of the cane.

Perhaps if I had studied some more, I will have achieved some more. However it is not too late though.


The video below always excites me to see this two year old smart boy, Jeremiah Addo, display such intellect. At that age am sure I couldn’t do any of what he is doing.

I don’t know how many children in his generation can do this but like the saying goes, we are all uniquely made. He is definitely getting something right and I believe his parents have set him up for future success. I feel encouraged to learn no mater what age I attain in life. Smartness has no age limits.

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