Ihsan Mehmet Kalkan — A Warrior Inspiring Global Justice And Freedom

GNetwork 108 is a Global Foundation trying to make changes of Positivity and Love in the world. Based on the Pillars of UBUNTU, PAY FORWARD & SIMPLE LIVING HIGHER THINKING, the network helps in Upliftment of impoverished communities and individuals . This organization brings together like-minded people with the vision of a world of love and people who do business with their conscience. With this like-minded vision, a symbiotic partnership to help achieve our goals was formed with Mr. Ihsan Mehmet Kalkan, our TURKISH WARRIOR. 

There was a time when men ruled with honor and the spoken word was “law”. Integrity really existed and men stood up in the face of any onslaught to their fellow  kin. The sword of truth was drawn forward quick and fast and the enemy was slain with no prejudice. History teaches us of this time of a resurrection of a power of people standing up for what they believed in and truth and integrity and fighting for the rights to freedom and for justice. Fast-forward to 2020, and we have a new warrior, Mr. Ihsan Mehmet Kalkan, an international lawyer who has raised the gauntlet against what he deems an unjust system.  He has laid the charge against China and is even gone as far as to register this with the ICC for crimes against humanity. Throughout history, one of the nations romantically associated with the warriors — in movies and in books — has been that of the tall dark hero. Case in point is the global television series ERTUGRAL that has taken the world by storm. Tall, handsome sword wielding warriors who fought with such power. We just swoon and wish we could resurrect them to make this world a Better Place.

You get the picture of our poor Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights, somehow pales in comparison to these warriors. So rise to our very own hero, Mr. Kalkan who graduated as a lawyer, worked as a volunteer for refugees and then formally in helping reuniting families. All this work was closely done with the refugees, and this showed Mr. Kalkan that the products supplied to refugees were of such poor quality, and being a man of integrity and one who will not stand for any injustice, he decided to open a company for humanitarian aid and a developmental sector company, with the aim to provide good quality products to refugees.

The  success is well-documented with the client list of the UN UNICEF Uganda UNHR  was guaranteed. So why would a successful businessman  get involved in a fight against the Chinese government and the President? Why? He replies simply, “humanity”. He feels so passionately about the issue from a humanitarian aspect that outcomes the sword of integrity and honor. Someone needs to speak out or else it will happen again he says. He has also escalated the matter from the Turkish court to criminal charges at the ICC in  Hague. He asks for accountability why was 5 million people granted visas to travel after the virus  broke  out? Why was the information kept away for so long until it was too late? These are just some of the questions that he is asking.

When asked if he was  seeking personal  financial remuneration, he answers with a firm “No”. “It is to stop this from happening again. It’s not that I hate the Chinese and it’s not personal. It’s about being vocal it’s about using your power to make a difference and to stand up for what is right and for justice”. 

Mr. Kalkan unfortunately contracted the novel coronavirus and is quite ill. This has in no way weakened his resolve. He is Still fighting the good fight and the world needs more people like him. GNetwork 108 is proud to be associated with a SPIRITUALLY POWERFUL soul like Mr. Kalkan.


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