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I’ll Block Your Convoy – Sam George ‘Threatens’ Akufo-Addo Over Poor Roads

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As Member of Parliament representing Ningo-Prampram, Samuel Nartey George has issued a stern ultimatum, vowing to lead his constituents in disrupting the President’s convoy each time it uses the Dawhenya or Afienya routes to protest against the deplorable road conditions in the region.

The impassioned MP has observed that the roads in his constituency have deteriorated significantly over an extended period. Speaking to the press, Sam George voiced his concerns regarding a contracted project that has lingered for seven years without progress due to insufficient funding.

“Take a look at this road. In Akufo-Addo’s own hometown, they resurfaced the cemetery road with asphalt. Meanwhile, the roads leading to his in-laws’ residence and other important areas remain in abysmal condition,” remarked Sam George. “We’ve been consistently raising our voices about these roads, and the Minister of Roads has essentially thrown in the towel. We don’t know if the issue lies with the Roads Minister or the Finance Minister, who, despite his Biblical references, is withholding the necessary funds. It’s been seven years, and still, the contractor assigned to this project is making minimal progress. I heard they recently decided to remove culverts. I’m waiting for them to try again. What does this signify? The people of Ningo-Prampram and Afienya deserve better roads. This is Ghana! Why should we endure this?”

The legislator issued a stern warning, asserting, “Perhaps, I should rally my constituents and issue this notice: Mr. President, the next time you head to Akosombo, I will obstruct your path in Afienya. If your destination is the Volta Region, I will impede you in Dawhenya and insist you walk on these roads to experience our plight. We, too, pay taxes. Why must we wait seven years? What crime have we committed? Is this an act of retaliation against Sam George? You garnered votes here; what is the significance of this? If the President and his ministers traverse these roads daily, would they be content? Should we plead with the President and his ministers to fulfil their duties, for which they receive salaries?”


Sam George articulated his frustrations passionately, expressing the urgency for action in resolving the road issues plaguing his constituency.

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