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iValley and Mole National Park Shines a Beacon of Hope in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer remains a global health crisis with implications that extend far beyond the confines of medicine. Tackling this issue requires more than just medical expertise, it necessitates community involvement, and support for women breast cancer victims or survivors. In a heartwarming display of dedication to these diverse challenges, iValley, in a collaboration with Mole National Park and Girls Clinic, embarked on a transformative journey through its “iValley Cares” Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness Program.

The program kicked off with educational sessions on breast cancer broadcasted on two local radio stations, PAD FM and Kasha FM. A team of volunteer nurses from Girls Clinic and Mole Clinic took to the airwaves, discussing breast cancer and ensuring that this vital information reached a broader audience.

On the second day, a free breast cancer screening was conducted at iValley’s office in Damongo. The day began with health education and sensitization, equipping attendees with a deeper understanding of the causes, effects, prevention strategies, and the critical importance of early detection. This session was particularly significant as it underscored the program’s commitment to the wellbeing of women and how it directly impacts the development of female entrepreneurs.

The program reached its pinnacle on the third day when it expanded to Mole National Park. The attendees comprised a diverse group, including employees of the Mole Lodge and Zaina Lodge, students and teachers from the Mole School, wives of rangers, and members of the Mole community. This gathering allowed for health education and sensitization, followed by the screening, showcasing the program’s remarkable reach and its profound connection to conservation efforts.


In his welcome address, Mr. Walter Wanye, Communication Lead at iValley, emphasized the program’s purpose, which was the culmination of iValley’s sustained engagement with female entrepreneurs over the past three years. He stated “one of the primary objectives of the program is to raise awareness about breast cancer, its risk factors, and strategies for prevention. A fundamental part of this initiative is to empower women with knowledge, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health. In many communities, cultural and societal stigmas are still associated with breast health, and this program aims to break down those barriers.” He underscored the importance of enhancing the overall wellbeing of these women and how it positively affects entrepreneurship development.

The “iValley Cares” Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness Program made significant strides in raising awareness about breast cancer, promoting women’s health and entrepreneurship. iValley’s unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of women sets an inspiring example of corporate social responsibility, and it is poised to continue making a meaningful impact in Ghana.

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