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iValley, MTN Ghana Empower 100 Female Entrepreneurs in the Savannah Region

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In a bold initiative to foster gender equality and economic empowerment, iValley, a leading entrepreneur support organisation, collaborated with MTN Ghana on their transformative 21 Days Yellow Care Program, to train 100 women owned Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Savannah Region. The program is aimed at job creation and digital skills training, in view of the growing unemployment among the youth in Ghana.

The 16th edition of the 21 Days Yellow Care Program, held from 1st to 21st June, focused on the theme “Empowering the Entrepreneurs to Unlock Growth and Job Creation for Communities.” As part of MTN Ghana’s corporate social investment initiative, this program represented a commitment to giving back to society and supporting local businesses.

Adwoa Wiafe, Chief Corporate and Sustainability Officer of MTN Ghana, emphasised the importance of job creation and digital skills training for youth, women, and individuals with disabilities during the program’s launch. By equipping participants with these essential skills, the initiative aimed to empower them to establish their own businesses and create employment opportunities within their communities.

The collaboration between iValley and MTN Ghana exposed these women-owned SMEs to the vast potential of digital skills. Emmanuel Konam, a training facilitator from iValley, highlighted the significance of this exposure, stating, “Technology is a great tool that can be used to build sustainable businesses and create jobs, and these women-owned SMEs have just had an exposure to that.” By embracing technology, these entrepreneurs gained the ability to tap into untapped markets beyond their geographical boundaries, expanding their reach and opportunities for growth.


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