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keeping calm with more than 1 thing to do considering time.

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Keeping calm first of all in whatever situations will not have you be the first person experiencing them and might fail at it. However the most important thing is mastering the art of avoiding such an uncomfortable situation less and less. You will also need to identify what’s causing you to feel uncomfortable about anything that happens and cut out all but the manageable things under the circumstance. 

Give yourself what will look like a class test using a pen and a paper or a book to write down a “to-do list”. Your first attempt to make sense of your list will not necessarily be important since the whole point at this stage is to get everything identified and written down. At this stage take the pain to put down everything as much as your memory can go.

The next stage is to prioritize/evaluate or arrange in the order of preference what you believe should be done first. I guess urgency will be the watchword here. On the list you had made initially, go through them and circle out or underline the ones you find will need immediate attention. At this stage you can call it, to “justify your inclusion”. 

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Now that you have identified the topmost of the issues considering the little time available and the urgency, keeping calm, write out how you want to have the issues addressed. Write out a “battle tight strategy” to have the issues solved considering it as the enemy that needs conquering. This stage you can write out a letter to yourself filled with action words just to have you encouraged to have a quick resolution. After this is done and you feel satisfied, read through your write up at least twice in order to prepare yourself mentally for the battle ahead.

Now the next thing is to think about why you were even worried in the first place. It is likely your worry is due to your initial fear of not knowing what to start first. Keeping calm is very crucial in such a personal endeavor. Even if you know what to start first,  what steps will be involved in having the issues addressed and will it work.  Things will usually work if you have a realistic approach to solving them whiles keeping calm. Making moves that are within your means and sustainable matter here. Eg. How do I foot my electricity bills that keep rising?

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The approach will be to see how best I can reduce my consumption rate. Learn to turn off gadgets not in use rather than overworking yourself to make more money. Remember overworking yourself will lead to lack of quality sleep leading to hospitalization or getting on to prescription drugs just to stay sound, sane and keeping calm. 

Another sure solution is not to think of people’s expectations of how you address issues in your life. Expectations from family, colleagues, friends should not in any way cause fear in you. Most of the time, there are a lot of people who wish to see you win.  Keeping calm allows you to stay focused and tick the solution box at your own pace but effectively. Our brains are wired to worry about every little thing but always remember the small things make the difference. 

Now step out there whiles keeping calm and get a pretty diary or date book for yourself. Learn to make action words an integral part of your writing skills. Now take a deep breath and stay calm always.

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