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Growing up I had heard and sometimes witnessed how fierce soldiers look and engaged civilians from time to time. I admired female soldiers especially because of their resolve to join the forces. Most of my friends when we gather shared stories of how soldiers are to be avoided because they do not take “nonsense” if a civilian should misconduct themselves in public. Nonetheless, I grew up hoping to be a soldier some day because of the discipline and how neatly dressed they are when I came into contact with them.

I grew up very close to the Teshie Military Barracks and I guess that also influenced my mindset. An older cousin I grew up with turned out a soldier man but after I visited a live training grounds one day, I had a change in mind immediately. I saw the training as too though and I wouldn’t last a day at the military school.

Today happens to be international women’s day and I want to share with you my admiration for women who dare to walk the corridors predominantly labelled for men only. I lost contact with a female friend for a substantial period of time. She resurfaced after and to my surprise she was in a soldier uniform fully clouded as such as her social media pictures showed.

I immediately called her to confirm if it was a dress up for an event or indeed it is what it is. Oh yes, she has undergone all the hard training and is now a fully-fledged soldier woman. I tried to down play her claims and she vehemently stood her grounds that I must respect her going forward as a soldier woman( we both laughed about it). “People are surprised that a fair lady, who doesn’t look like a soldier is one”.

I am just refusing to disclose her identity but she continued how she went through all the jungle training, became though physically and how her mindset is set to be ready for anything as a soldier. “I have come to love the job you know, as an admired female soldier. My whole body aches after training and parade but how I go do am”, she added during our conversation.


However, there is one thing about her that hasn’t change as I now refer to her as my admired female soldier. She is still the feminist she is. My friend is still soft spoken and the woman in her is just intact. This I find a little surprising since I thought the training will transform her personality completely. But no I was very wrong she noted. “A woman is who I am and I don’t think it can really change. It’s not like soldier makes you a super human, but just tougher and that is it”.  

You get unto my friend’s social media status and you will never think her as a soldier. She still dresses classy, still does her usually chilling and I dare to say looks more female than ever.ie .admired female. I think my prejudice about the profession got the better part of me. She added “after training you see things differently. You see a civilian do something and you just wonder”.

She explained how tiring the job is especially for an admired female soldier and I was wondering how a young lady was coping with this. Well, she embraced the odds and as young as she is she sees an impactful and fulfilling life as a soldier. I celebrate the likes of her and other females who have dared to engage in professions such as heavy duty truck driving, major machine operators, sole owners and managers of businesses. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!!!

This year’s international women’s day is themed “Break the bias”. Take time to celebrate a woman in your life today and make her feel special always when she is your admired female.

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