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Fashion designer turns passion into solid business extraordinaire.

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Fashion designer(s) and other stakeholders in the Ghanaian industry have described the industry as having the potential to earn huge foreign exchange for the country. The fashion enthusiasts with this view however believe that government support, especially, will go a long way to make this achievable.

Other argument advanced is especially the local support. I am very sure the mantra “support locally made Ghanaian products” is not new to you. The question is how good are you with adhering to this slogan. Ghanaian fashion designer/designers are known worldwide for their “creative juices” coming alive when they hold either the scissors or the sewing machine. In their elements, they make internationally accepted cloths. Some fashion designer or designers like Sima brew, Abrantie clothing, Elikem Kumordzie and Joyce Ababio have been described as pace setters.

Fast rising Ghanaian fashion designer, “Korks design” is gradually stitching her way into the hearts of her clients. With years of experience as a fashion designer, she brings local fabrics to life with her understanding of patterns and body flow when she is done stitching. Although she says her fashion designer passion is gradually making business sense, she hopes various bottlenecks that hinder success in the industry can eventually be minimized.

 “I love fashion but I never thought I will go into it. I remember this time even if I want to sew something, even though am not good in sketching, I try to explain how I want it”. It was with this that she started her fashion designer business-passionately. The desire to see her creations come alive and her clients satisfied, keeps her going. But amongst the barrage of issues facing the industry she noted hers as client relations.

Kork’s Design(In yellow) taking clients measurement.

Korks design whose real name is Benedicta Akorkor Torsu, continued that, a client will bring a dress, she (client) looked up in a magazine or on social media and expect the same thing. What clients don’t know is that, an individual’s skin colour, fabric texture and colour, body shape and contour can determine how the finished dress looks eventually. “We are dealing with a whole lot of people. I mean some are understanding, others are not. So when you work for them try to advise them. Find a common ground to understand because don’t forget the person serves as a walking bill board to you hence recommendations”.


Attempts to advice some clients are rejected vehemently. These same clients are left in disarray when the cloths fit well, but will fit perfectly if only they listened to her advice. She bragged also about how creating master pieces come to her naturally. “I have planned on introducing an agreement form so when customers come and I jot down everything, this is what you say you want. I sign, the client signs. In the agreement form also, there will be a fitting “perfectly done column”, everything is ok. We will also both sign”.

korks Design

Korks Design added that a designer must most importantly have patience. She bemoaned how in some cases she had to foot the bill in full or part, for a dress a client refused to pay for. Clients even denies designs chosen earlier. Records to prove otherwise is not available so client(s) get away. Benedicta mentioned with her Diploma in Business Administration and Information Technology, broadened her scope and approach to work. She stressed on the importance of education calling on her colleague designers to never stop learning.

Korks Designs noted the power of recommendations and asked clients to continue posting pictures of dresses made all over the internet.

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