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Developing countries I think have a lot of issues that saddles the state and its citizens. The state at every turn tries to put measures in place to, if not for anything to ensure peace and security. Many are happy and express joy at the turn of events with how the new Inspector General Of Police is maintaining law and order across the country. I have my reservations but that is for another day.

Many security experts have express fear at the rate with which the unemployment rates keep rising across the country with some describing it as a security threat for developing countries. I personally was sad when I watched the huge numbers that turned up during various recruitment sessions held at various parts of the country to get individuals into the security services.

Most of the hopeful recruits noted how they had to start queuing as earlier at 3am.One as at 7am when interviewed by a journalist noted she was number 102 or so (that’s if I heard right). Number 102 as it 3am? Yes, your guess is as good as mine. The first person probably showed up at 12am or so. Hmnnnnn!! Sad, you think right?

Well that is even just the scratch of the surface where there are issues that need critical attention. Various governments have put in measures to reduce the huge unemployment numbers but it seems like “a drop of water in the mighty Atlantic Ocean”. Finance Minister, Mr. Ofori-Atta recently addressing graduates at the University Of Professional Studies, revealed how 60% of Ghana’s revenue was spent every month for the payment of salaries of public sector workers.

 “That payroll is full because we are spending some 60% of our revenue on remunerating some 650,000 people. That is not sustainable.”


He told the graduating students that: “…You have the skills set to be able to do what you have to do. Our responsibility as a government is to create the environment and the macro stability, currency stability and ensure that you have access to the relevant skills and financing.”

He also said government is structuring its budget to focus on how to support the youth to create their own jobs.

 “This budget that we are going to be doing is going to really focus on the youth. We will have a programme in it looking at the youth and [their] demands and how we can structure… the Ghana Obaatanpa Programme [for the next two or three years] to ensure that the youth become their own bosses, and how to become entrepreneurs.”

I believe there is nothing wrong encouraging the youth to startup businesses if they can, especially when government is willing to support them in developing countries. However, experts have disclosed that the private sector is a major stakeholder in reducing the rate of unemployment and government must continue to create the enabling environment to facilitate this.

But reasons why I am putting out this write up is the discovery that actually there could be vacant positions especially in the private sector. I guess you are asking where they are and why unemployment keep rising then. I don’t know where they are but I am forced to believe either human resource recruiters/managers are hording them for they favourites or its mere wickedness.

Recently during a television program, General Manager of Gh One television and Star Fm, Nana Aba Anamoah stated how she had gone out of her way to look for employment for people. She disclosed that everyday her message inboxes across social media platforms was filled with requests for help towards seeking employment.

However she is shocked with the volumes of vacancies available across board after she puts up posts seeking for employments for these unemployed graduates. Owners of businesses reach out to her willing to employ these persons. Some of these owners actually beckon on her to send over more unemployed persons to them.

Ah! So the jobs and vacancies and available but recruiters are sitting on them? Maybe it is to save these positions for their children who are yet to complete Senior High School. No better still, most of the unemployed graduates am sure do not qualify or so.

But am thinking at least, put advertisements out there to give people the opportunity to try and earn some living. Things are expensive these days and since these revelations I keep wondering the motivation behind hording these vacancies. Whiles planning to put my thoughts together in this write up, a colleague also disclosed how similar things happen in the government sector. What!

I can only hope one day(s) equal opportunities will be given to everyone with no underlining clauses except qualifications and potentials to deliver per job specifications.

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